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Energy Efficiency Lord Rooker at the opening of the Urban living energy efficiency project

Lord Rooker and  Richard Baines from Black Country Housing Association

Interior of north street Project

Energy Efficiency

In recent years, with the advent of global warming and the Kyoto Agreement. BNK Construction has been forward thinking in how they can help future generations.

Many of the developments now incorporate environmentally friendly products and systems. Systems from rainwater/waste recycling, to power generation, use of solar panels, wind turbines and micro Combined Heat and Power plants, have been and will be used. Many of the developments incorporate materials which have the potential to be recycled. The timber used comes from sustainable managed forests, all with their own provenance. None of the insulation products used have Ozone depleting substances and minimal global warming potential. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient products are used wherever possible.

In incorporating many of the above, BNK Construction has met and exceeded the ratings/guidelines, currently set by the Governments Eco Homes standards.

Rest assured, BNK Construction are not sitting back, they are looking forward to how to improve things further and increase their standards. This is an on going project, watch this space.


Josh Kaushal, Lord Rooker, and members from Black Country Housing Association

“The 2003-2005 ‘Changing Rooms that don’t Cost the Earth’ project, on which we worked in partnership, has been hailed as a success by the Client and funding body, Urban Living. B.N. Kaushal has been instrumental in delivering the sustainable building elements of this project. As a contractor B.N. Kaushal exhibited a willingness to learn that is rare these days and, more important, a willingness to share abilities for the mutual benefit of all partners. Of particular note was the level of recycling achieved reducing waste-from-site by 80%. This was an outstanding result and the savings generated by reusing materials (avoiding new costs) helped to off-set the costs of other novel measures, such as super-insulation and alternative energy technologies.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution.

Richard Baines

Senior Environemntal Consultant
Black Country Housing & Community Service Group Limited”



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